Marissa Purnell

Solicitor - Conveyancing

Marissa is a Solicitor in the Residential Conveyancing Department. Marissa joined Biscoes in 2017, completed her Legal Practice Course in 2018 and qualified as a solicitor in August 2019.

Marissa can advise on:

Standard Sales and Purchases

Including acting for First Time Buyers.


This includes advice on changing Lender, taking out a new mortgage against a property that is currently mortgage-free and any early redemption penalties as a result of leaving your current mortgage.

Legal charges

You may wish to lend someone money to buy a property but you want to protect the loan to ensure you get it back. Biscoes can help you with this by you making it a formal loan and securing it by registering a charge against the property the borrower buys. This means that if the property is sold your money is automatically paid pack – like a mortgage. If the person borrowing from you is purchasing with a mortgage, the lender will get their money back first upon sale and your charge will be paid off with the remaining equity.

Changing Ownership Arrangements/ Transfers of Equity

This includes owning property jointly with someone and transferring into your sole name when they pass away (where the Transfer is not automatic under the survivorship rules), separating couples with one buying out the other and gifting a property to someone else, either a family member or a loved one.

Did you know:

Marissa enjoys going to the gym, cooking and scrapbooking in her spare time.

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