Joshua Gallop

Residential Conveyancing Department – Solicitor

Josh is a Solicitor working in the Residential Property department. He grew up in Godshill and has remained living on the Isle of Wight. He achieved a first-class honours law degree and a distinction in the Legal Practice Course before joining Biscoes in 2018.

Joshua can advise on:

Freehold and Leasehold property purchases and sales

Josh is committed to making all aspects of the conveyancing process as simple as possible for his clients. He will use every day, easy to understand language to get points across. He believes that strong communication and a good working relationship with a client is key and will help speed up the process.

Transfer of part of your land

Josh has experience in dealing with the transfer of part only of your property. For example, if you wish to purchase or sell part or all of your garden but keep the main home.

Transfer of equity

If joint owners wish to change the way they own their property, Josh can assist with preparing the necessary Deed and submitting an application to the Land Registry.


Independent legal advice

Sometimes mortgage lenders or other Solicitors insist that you are given independent legal advice. Josh can usually assist with this and in particular can advise on:

  • Occupier’s consent forms.
  • Personal guarantees.
  • Helpful start accounts.

Covenants and rights affecting residential property

Unfortunately, many historical deeds use archaic language that can be difficult to follow. There are also instances where the drafting of the title deeds is unsatisfactory, which has created a confusing situation. Josh can review the problematic deeds and advise you what certain terms mean and the implications they have.

Registration of unregistered land

There is a lot of land that is still unregistered on the Isle of Wight. It is always best to register land at the Land Registry to reduce the risk of fraud and create an easier situation when the land is later sold.


This is when property is transferred into the name of the beneficiary in accordance with a will.

Deed of Easement, Covenant or Variation

Josh can assist you with drafting important deeds such as:

  • A deed of easement in relation to rights of way or drainage rights.
  • A deed of covenant. This can be in relation to an unlimited number of things.
  • A deed of mutual covenant if your property has a “flying freehold”.
  • A deed of variation.

Declaration of Trust

It is always sensible for joint property owners to enter into a Declaration of Trust. A well drafted Declaration will set out exactly how owners wish to own the property, and what should happen once the property is sold, or the owners no longer wish to own the property together.

Did you know:

Josh likes to take his German Shepherd dog on large social dog-walks on the Isle of Wight. His favourite walks are in Freshwater, Ventnor and Godshill. He is also passionate about playing the guitar and usually plays in alternative tunings and with a partial capo. He is also a big football fan and has supported Liverpool all his life.

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