Court of Protection

We are able to provide advice, assistance and representation in relation to the following Capacity matters:

  • Advice on what a deputy is and whether a deputy is required
  • Applications to appoint a deputy for Property and Affairs
  • Applications to appoint a deputy for Health and Welfare
  • Appointment of a professional deputy
  • Applications to replace a deputy
  • Trustee applications.
  • Advice on the Deprivation of Liberty safeguards (DOLs)
  • Section 21A applications
  • Statutory wills
  • Advice on resolving Power of Attorney disputes
  • Application to the Court of Protection for the payment of gifts or advice
  • Advice and representation for Court of Protection disputes.

Alison Lee is the Managing Director of Biscoes Solicitors, Mental Capacity/Court of Protection specialist and can be contacted on 01983 615615 or

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